Las Vegas with Annie

The west is wild. They weren’t kidding! My good friend Annie and I took a little trip to Las Vegas to see Maroon 5, Death Valley, the Vegas Strip, and each other. I had never been that far west before and I was so surprised at how STARKLY different it is from the East Coast. Of course I have “seen” it in photos and I know how it is via movies and photos all my life, however… being there it a totally different ball of tricks. I was amazed at the lights and the SCALE of everything in Vegas. I had no idea that the casinos were basically cruise ships that were not on the water.  We stayed at the Palms Casino where we got to enjoy the greatness that is Maroon 5 in concert. We also took a day trip out to Death Valley, where it was 106 degrees, silent, alone, and enormous. I can’t even begin to make you understand the way it feels to be there. Annie read me an excerpt from her book about death valley and they described it to have “deep solitude” and “awful silence.” I absolutely could not have said it better. I felt like our car was a space ship that we could only exit from for short moments of time and then needed to rush back to the car for safety. It truly felt like another planet. I was so thankful that I wasn’t a person in a covered wagon- lost in death valley. It was awesome and terrible all at the same time.

Things I learned in Nevada:

  • Never take children with you when visiting Las Vegas, nuff said. What were those parents thinking??
  • Make sure to bring water with you to the desert.
  • Just because something looks like it really that far away doesn’t mean it’s close.
  • Neon signs are scrumptious.
  • I am not a club going party girl. I have no real interest in it at all, which was evident by my reading of Harry Potter in the hotel room.
  • The iPhone camera really is pretty darn sufficient for snapshots. Don’t try and make something amazing out of it however. I need to force myself to take out the huge 10lb camera when I really really want to take a photo for keeps.
  • I love the east coast.

So… we had an amazing time.

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