Logan and Jay’s Intimate Vermont Wedding

A dozen people, a few short hours, and a wedding that we will never ever forget… this was Logan and Jay’s wedding.

It snowed all day, beautiful dreamland snow, the kind of snow that you picture when you think of romantic white fluffy Vermont snow. We met them in a lodge where there closest family were all together preparing to witness Logan and Jay exchange vows. They had flown in from places as far away as California and Florida. Their first look took place in the falling snow… I don’t know how to properly convey that scene other than to share the images. It was complete and total first look perfection. The had their ceremony in the snow on the back porch of the cabin. It was so casual but yet so serious… one of those ceremonies where you can feel the sacred vows. After the kiss, it was on to a sleigh ride in the snow followed by dinner, cooked by the chef right there in the cabin. What could really be better?

I hope that the images convey just how unforgettable this small wedding really was. Pinch me ok?
Logan and Jay 0035.JPG
Logan and Jay 0006.JPG
Logan and Jay 0021.JPG
Logan and Jay 0045.JPG
Logan and Jay 0177.JPG
Logan and Jay 0123.JPG
Logan and Jay 0135.JPG
Logan and Jay 0132.JPG
Logan and Jay 0138.JPG
Logan and Jay 0163.JPG
Logan and Jay 0105.JPG
Logan and Jay 0189.JPG
Logan and Jay 0193.JPG
Logan and Jay 0233.JPG
Logan and Jay 0237.JPG
Logan and Jay 0242.JPG
Logan and Jay 0407.JPG
Logan and Jay 0316.JPG
Logan and Jay 0360.JPG
Logan and Jay 0369.JPG
Logan and Jay 0347.JPG
Logan and Jay 0383.JPG
Logan and Jay 0388.JPG
Logan and Jay 0393.JPG
Logan and Jay 0450.JPG
Logan and Jay 0442.JPG
Logan and Jay 0471.JPG
Logan and Jay 0437.JPG

Venue: Mountain Top Inn

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