Scarborough Maine COVID Wedding: Sarah and Justin

When we called Sarah and Justin letting them know we could reschedule if they wanted to, they said no way. Even waiting one more day to get married (and avoid a huge storm) wasn’t worth it to them. They wanted to be married and that was all that mattered. It was so sweet to hear that there was only one focus for them. We met them at the Inn by the Sea, and then it was all set up for digital guests via zoom and video. Sarah got in her dress and walked out of the hotel room door to the patio, where Justin was waiting. That was all they needed.

Afterwards, we just spent some time in the room photographing them and then they changed into other wedding outfits, and we photographed in the room a little while longer. It was just that simple. And now… they are married. Love love love…

Bride getting zipped into her wedding dress by a window.
Groom setting up a zoom meeting with wedding guests so they can see the ceremony.
Bride coming out of the hotel room to head to her wedding ceremony.
Black and white photo of a reflection of a wedding ceremony.
Groom crying during a wedding ceremony.
Photo of the back of a cell phone that is recording a wedding ceremony.
black and white photo of a couple holding hands during their wedding ceremony.
Image of small elopement zoomed way back so the ceremony is small in the frame.
Black and white photo of the first kiss.
Small wedding group looking at a laptop to say hi to guests zooming in.
Abstract photo of couple in doorway with blue and purple colors.
Tin-type style portrait of bride and groom in two traditional wedding attire outfits.
Wedding couple with umbrellas walking away and photographed through a round window.
Wedding couple outside in the rain with umbrella.
Black and white photo of wedding couple with an umbrella.
Groom helping bride get ready.
Wedding couple hugging.
A kiss by the fire on a wedding day.
Couple practicing bowing.
Wedding couple hugging.
dimly lit photo of wedding couple outside.

Venue: Inn by the Sea

Officiant: A Sweet Start

Their Engagement Session

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