Roshan and Karen’s Newport Rhode Island Engagement Session

I don’t remember the last time we went to so many spots for photos. I think we hit six locations for this session including two state parks, one town park, and three side of the road spots that just looked awesome. As I was editing this session I could not get over how stunningly beautiful New England is. Just pulling off the side of the road and capturing scenery like this is commonplace here. I can’t imagine a more inspiring place for my soul… here, and hawaii, and the coast of NC, and what I imagine Ireland to be… perhaps that means I just can’t get enough of this beautiful planet!

Roshan and Karen were guests at Mara and Will’s wedding. I remember seeing them dancing at the wedding, completely lost in the moment and loving on each other. What an honor it was when they reached out to us for their own wedding this September! They are both gorgeous, stylish, successful, and most importantly, in love with one another. Spending a sunset with them was just my cup of tea.Roshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0007.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0004.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0021.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0038.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0048.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0065.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0072.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0097.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0090.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0105.JPGRoshan and Karen Engagement 0147Roshan and Karen Engagement 0136Roshan and Karen Engagement 0130Roshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0107.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0125.JPGRoshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0123.JPGRoshan and Karen Engagement 0132Roshan-and-Karen-Engagement-0117.JPG

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  1. Hillary
    March 27, 2014

    Bethany & Dan, these are stunning!!! I LOVE RI- so gorgeous! Best Wishes to the happy couple!

    1. bethanydan
      March 27, 2014

      Awww…. thank you Hillary 😉 I want to go visit Block Island with you one day. We could ride bikes!

  2. Jamie
    March 27, 2014

    Love these! And woot to Brenton Point!


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