San Fransisco March 2015

Last week I got to spend 1 day in San Fransisco and I made the MOST of it! I was in town for a photography workshop, and I went a day early just to check things out since the last time we went to the city, we were to tired to do anything.

Since I was in the Cali alone this time, I chose to do a tour through Vantigo, a company that gives small scale tours via a Volkswagon bus. What could be more fun? It was a PERFECT was to see a ton of sights that I wanted to see, while avoiding that feeling of being “cattle” and barked at through a megaphone.  After the tour I went the Walt Disney Family Museum, Lucas Films Headquarters, and the Castro to see where Harvey Milk’s camera store was back in the day. My phone died right when I parked in the Castro and I was forced to ask for help, which I always actually enjoyed. I met a couple of guys who gave me directions to where I was having dinner AND I met another couple who had been to Maine. “Love your state. Hate your governor.” Good times. It’s funny how having your phone die can get you out of your comfort zone, (my favorite place to try and leave). I had dinner with a friend I had not seen in 8 years!! It’s always such a treat to see old friends. We had to tell long stories to eachother to get caught up and I loved every second of it.

A few take-aways from the day in San Fran:

The hills are absolutely no joke. Get ready for a workout OR avoid it completely and take a tour.

The Golden Gate Bridge is just as cool as you think it is.

Head to Twin Peaks for an incredible view of the whole city. See if you can spot the Castro district in the first photo.

After two trips, I still don’t really see why you would spend a ton of time at Fisherman’s Wharf. Perhaps it’s because I live near a pretty harbor, or that I’m not that crazy about shopping at the same stores I can shop at everywhere, but I just dont really get it.

The address of Harvey Milks old Camera Store is 575 Castro Street. Go there. Now its this site of the Human Rights Campaign Store, which is fitting.

Talk to people while you are there! I met a lot of nice folks.

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  1. Annie
    March 18, 2015

    Love love love this post.


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