Amanda and Ian’s Sugarbush Vermont Wedding

I loved every single thing about this wedding. It was SO pretty!!! Two people who are both so kind and welcoming had a classy and classic destination wedding in the mountains of Vermont. Hailing from NYC, they brought their favorite people with them to this gorgeous setting. We were so glad to be there too!

The ladies took a very un-rushed and casual approach to the day, getting ready, dancing, laughing, and cheer-sing the morning away. I can’t speak for the guys but I know it felt like a sleepover/slumber party in the ladies getting ready area. When we were ready to go we headed to the church and Amanda walked straight down the aisle in a matter of moments. Ian was waiting right there with his cute smile on his face. There was a collective gasp when she walked in… I mean… LOOK at her, and that DRESS!!! They even had a Bishop there to help in the ceremony, her great uncle Monseor Juan Antonio Flores (who sadly passed away mere days after the wedding).

After the ceremony, we headed into the Vermont wilds to take family photos, bridal party photos, and photos of just the two of them. It was calm and quiet and just the way we like to do it. No distractions, just us, them, and a gorgeous backdrop, (I know that makes every photographer jealous, myself included). Once we had the images that we loved, we all headed back to Sugarbush for a party of dancing dancing dancing!!

Amanda and Ian Wedding 0095 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0069 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0102

Amanda and Ian Wedding 0025 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0120 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0183 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0202 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0204 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0227Amanda and Ian Wedding 0252 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0259 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0408 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0445 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0450 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0472Amanda and Ian Wedding 0504 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0521 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0537 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0546 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0574 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0592Amanda and Ian Wedding 0619 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0627 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0637 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0643 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0658Amanda and Ian Wedding 0818 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0841 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0874 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0962 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1015 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1106Amanda and Ian Wedding 1141Amanda and Ian Wedding 1170Amanda and Ian Wedding 1016 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1178

Venue: Sugarbush Resort  |  Ceremony: Our Lady of the Snows Church  |  Gown: Tara Keeley by Lazarro

Florist: A Schoolhouse Garden  |  Cake: Sweet Simone’s

Hair: Kristi Bright  |  Makeup: Top 5 Management

DJ: Willam Cutting

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Amanda and Doug’s Buxton Maine Flower Farm Wedding

Ok… Imagine a wedding in a secret clearing in the woods, with gorgeous earth tones and deep purple, with wooden benches for your guests. Now imagine the weather is crisp cool and fresh, with a vibrant sunset and a huge bonfire for your guests to cozy up to when stars come out. Surround yourself by your best friends and close family and enjoy donuts and gelato with wine. Then dance. That right there… was Amanda and Doug’s wedding. Now aren’t you jealous you didn’t get to come too??

They each got ready at separate hotels in Portland and then everyone headed to Buxton Maine where a flower farm was waiting to house the event. It was so so SO pretty!!! Guys!!! Just look!!!

We had really been looking forward to their wedding since we really grew to love them both over the course of time we were working with them. Both are fiercely loving humans who care deeply about one another but also deeply about the people they have in their life. It is an honor to call them friends.

Amanda and Doug Wedding 0005 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0060 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0018 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0069 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0125Amanda and Doug Wedding 0164 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0245 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0266 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0272 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0300Amanda and Doug Wedding 0317 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0327 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0377 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0382Amanda and Doug Wedding 0430 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0437 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0440 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0443 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0460Amanda and Doug Wedding 0467 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0476 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0487 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0499 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0519Amanda and Doug Wedding 0568 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0606Amanda and Doug Wedding 0680Amanda and Doug Wedding 0752Amanda and Doug Wedding 0717Amanda and Doug Wedding 0731Amanda and Doug Wedding 0830Amanda and Doug Wedding 0770 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0592

Venue and Florist: Little River Flower Farm  |  Catering: SOPO Catering

Gown: Allure Bridals  |  Desert: The Holy Donut and Gorgeous Gelato  |  DJ: Hicks Productions

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Grove Park Inn Wedding in Asheville, NC

These two were married at the Grove Park Inn, in Asheville NC.  It was a wedding full of their dearest family and friends and lots charm. The bride got ready with her two bridesmaids who were some of the biggest supports I have ever seen. They had this girls back! Even in the fact of an almost hour long buttoning process for the dress itself… yes. The dress fit perfectly but those little loops for the buttons may have been the wrong size button loops. I swear it was like threading a needle for each one AND a crochet hook was no help. She even went to her first look without all the buttons complete. She wanted to see her man… buttons or no buttons!

Their first look was precious, especially because of how she looked at him the whole time. She was beyond enamoured with him. It was a joy to witness. Afterwards we feverishly finished the buttons before their ceremony overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a breath-taking view! I wish I could transport all of you there right now for a look! What followed was a fun reception with hilarious toasts, a rowdy photo booth and tasty treats. All in all… a great wedding to be a part of. We have the best job.

Grove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding Asheville

Grove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding Asheville

Grove Park Inn Wedding Asheville
Grove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding AshevilleGrove Park Inn Wedding Asheville

Venue and Catering: Omni Grove Park Inn   |   Event Coordinator: Two Sweet Sparrows

Cake: Cakes by Jane

Hair and Makeup: Doll Box Productions    |   Dress: Lazaro   |   Florist: Flora

Ceremony Music: Allegro music   |   Reception music: Soul Play

Officiant: Rev Susie Greene   |   Photobooth: Shutterbooth

Nicole and Brian’s Linden Place Mansion Wedding

 Way back in the cold of last winter, we met Nicole and Brian at a local restaurant. They came all the way up here to meet us, with the promise that not too far ahead of the wedding, we could come and hang out with them too. Just over a month and a half ago, we got to go see them again and tour the venue and local spots they wanted to photos taken in. After dinner and a ENORMOUS cookie, we drove away, so so excited about their upcoming wedding day.

Not too long after, it was time! That afternoon, I met Nicole at the Linden Place in Bristol, RI, where she got ready to marry her true love… Brian. Dan was with the guys at Brian’s apartment where they headed out for the church. The ceremony was super sweet. My favorite part was the minister reading aloud the things that Brian and Nicole had written down about what they loved about each other during a pre-marital counseling meeting. It was sweet to hear and got me thinking about Dan, as always. Afterwards, we headed to two spots for photos. One spot was inspired by Brian’s love for Sigur Rós, imagined up by him and set up by him, for him, which we LOVE. Take charge of your images! Next came the party, food, and dancing, which is always a good way to round out a day, especially a wedding day. Cheers to Nicole and Brian!!

Venue: Linden Place   |   Catering: Blackstone Caterers   |   Florist: Floral Symphony   |   Cake: Scialo’s County Bakery

Officiant: Rev. Elizabeth Barnum   |   Hair and Make-up: Hair Heart and Soul   |   Music: B-Sharp Entertainment

Jess and Eric’s Baltimore Maryland Wedding

It was a perfect weather day, with autumn colors in the trees. Eric was preparing on the second floor of the Elkridge Furnace Inn while Jess and all her bridesmaids were up on the third floor. After the ladies were all ready for the ceremony, they took a few moments for prayer and prayed for Jess and her new role as a wife to Eric. It was beautiful and my hands were shaking as I photographed these moments. One of the bridesmaids was one of our brides from last year! You can even see Jess and Eric in Natalie and Thad’s wedding blog post. Gotta love seeing your friends at a wedding right? The ceremony was stunning as she walked down the aisle with ethereal light behind her. They sang and prayed and promised one another they’d be together forever. After the kiss, the party was on. During the reception there were four musical performances, one being a performance of “Swept Away,” by the Avett Brothers, sung by Eric and their friends. Their enchanted tea party themed reception closed with a final dance of the bride and groom before the left for the night. We were so thankful to be there for their wedding.

Venue: Elkridge Furnace Inn   |   Florist: Floriography Boutique   |   Make-up: Vivid Salon   |   DJ: Classic DJs   |   Gown: Church Street Bridal