Nancy and Roberto’s Boston Public Garden Civil Ceremony

Simple, pure, honest, family, love and happiness… these are the take home messages that Dan and I took home from Nancy and Roberto‘s Boston Public Garden Civil Wedding Ceremony. These two walked up, read over the plan and then simply took their place before their closest family and friends. The ceremony began humbly and with only one intention: to join these two in legal marriage forever. They laughed, she cried a little bit, and they promised to love each other forever. With a kiss and an embrace they were married.

Behind them, we could see over 3 brides and 3 bridal parties, and even one very happy Quinceañera group! Even though they were all lovely, I felt like we were with the coolest couple in the park… the CITY for that matter. The only thing that mattered that day to them was love and it showed. Walking around with them we passed a crazy stressed out bride focused intently on her photos and I looked back at Nancy and Roberto and loved that they had just gotten married too… and she was happily walking around the park, with all the attention going to the other brides. It was a really sweet feeling for me, to see that humility and the happiness that these two were showing on this, their wedding day.

We had a blast in the park and then headed to their dinner, where they hosted their family and friends, celebrating their newly born marriage. It was a wedding I will never forget.

Justice of the Peace: Leslie Ann Zises   |   Venue: The Boston Public Garden   |   Dinner: Bistro du Midi

Eirik and Deanna’s Napa, CA Wedding

Deanna and Eirik (pronounced “Eye-rick”) met on Facebook if you can believe it! Eirik is Norwegian and has a mutual friend to Deanna, Jarred, who was the best man. Jared started a conversation with Deanna on Facebook, forgetting he was on Eirik’s computer logged in as him instead. After a while of talking back and forth online, Eirik offered to meet with her in Venice and she agreed. Now that’s a good first date!  Deanna and Eirik  were married in Deanna’s family’s front yard in Napa, California. It was a home grown event, full of sweet touches and gifts from everyone, including a family friend who was a chef providing the meal, Deanna’s brothers building the dance floor, music written and sang by family, as well as a special song written and sang by the groom and performed by her siblings. Three of Eirik’s friends flew from Norway for the wedding, as well as his Father and Sister. His mother couldn’t make it but she was able to be there for it all via skype! Eirik’s Dad filmed a lot of the day and always had her within the reach of an iPad. It was very cool to be able to have her see what was happening and even talk to them! During their couple portrait time, Eirik said “Wait I forgot I need to do something! I need to change my facebook status to married!” Deanna will begin a new life with Eirik in Oslo, Norway, but not before they travel the world for a few months as an extended honeymoon!

Sarah and Brandon’s New Gloucester, Maine Wedding

We cannot adequately express  how beautiful Sarah and Brandon’s wedding was. If there is a quintessential DIY rustic Maine wedding, it’s this one. From the handmade pennants, (that will be made into a quilt), to the wildflower bouquets, to the Whoopie Pies… everything was adorable. The Merrill Farmhouse at Pineland Farms was the perfect setting for Sarah and Brandon’s wedding. These two live across the country on the west coast, but made it a point to have their wedding waaaay over here on the East Coast. The family and friends were tightly knit, and the speeches even brought tears from the best of them! We had such a good time with them, and wish these two encouragement along their running path, (they run every morning together). Congratulations!