Behind the Scenes 2016

Man o man. This blog post is so fun to make every single year. We sit down and look through all the behind the scenes photos we took through the year and laugh. Sometimes we look cool and cute and fun, and other times we look downright grumpy, tired, and confused. Its a weird and wild job we have and I still can’t believe we are the photographers at some of these incredible weddings. #lucky

See how pumped Dan is about this?

Or perhaps confused?

Photographing on ice isn’t the easiest. We got to photograph on ice two times in a weekend! (Sabrina and Steve AND John and Michael)

Sometimes I photobomb for no good reason.

And like every year… there are many photos of Dan laying down on the job. Here he is in the snow in Steamboat Springs.

Just me lookin cute.

Up close and personal.

Again with the laying down.

I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo.

Sassy with my Holdfast Money Maker.

He cute.

Not so cute moment.

Seems like in Kennebukport, we always end up photographing along the side of the road. It’s just the Kennebunkport thing I guess.

Looks like they rolled out the red carpet for me!

It is RARE that I meet a fellow tall girl and this year my bae Katie held down the fort with me! Tall Girls FTW!

Not a bad ceremony location eh?

I know I know… a speech… but look at the cute widdle girl!

One of the hottest days of the summer. In between shots I was wiping sweat from my eyeballs.

And again he lays down. This time in sand. Is this just his signature move?

But wait… IM LAYING DOWN! Its hard to tell though if I just fell though. Thanks Mitch for helping me up and Christine for laughing.

Boom. For shots that we have to set up before we interrupt the couple from the dance floor, Im usually a stand in. Im feeling this one.

A nice portrait of the three of us.

Dan using magic on Laura and Kevin.

Straight Chillin while we waited for a whole entire multi generational family group to come to the stairs for the photo they take at every wedding.

I look happy eh?


I always say Dan is so highly focused and concentrated that he completely misses what’s happening just outside of his focus. In this case he somehow missed a line of grown men linking hands via their… well…. crotches. He literally just realized this happened when we looked through these images a couple hours ago. Ha!

I was happy at this dance party apparently.

Not the best images, I’ll give you that, but…. we were taken by surprise by a wedding party attack. See my shock face and Dan’s attempt to photograph it.

Again with the super happy face at the reception.

Dance lessons with Monika.

Ooooo so artsy.

A cute one from September. It was finally not swelteringly hot.

Everyone is having a good time here. SO CUTE.

When Dan gets pulled onto the dance floor.

I will dream of this window light the rest of my career.


This is one of my faves from the year. <3 Again with the ice photography. SO hard.

I realized that we didnt take any selfies this year! That aint right! So here is the one photo I found of the two of us at a photobooth. That a wild and crazy year it was. This job you guys…. you should try it sometime!

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