Us Working 2020

Lord have mercy it was a weird one. That being said, I’m so grateful that we were ABLE to get out there and work this past year. We had dream clients and dream locations so… it was its own version of dreamy eh?

Come along for some laughs.

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Behind the Scenes 2016

Man o man. This blog post is so fun to make every single year. We sit down and look through all the behind the scenes photos we took through the year and laugh. Sometimes we look cool and cute and fun, and other times we look downright grumpy, tired, and confused. Its a weird and wild job we have and I still can’t believe we are the photographers at some of these incredible weddings. #lucky

See how pumped Dan is about this?

Or perhaps confused?

Photographing on ice isn’t the easiest. We got to photograph on ice two times in a weekend! (Sabrina and Steve AND John and Michael)

Sometimes I photobomb for no good reason.

And like every year… there are many photos of Dan laying down on the job. Here he is in the snow in Steamboat Springs.

Just me lookin cute.

Up close and personal.

Again with the laying down.

I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo.

Sassy with my Holdfast Money Maker.

He cute.

Not so cute moment.

Seems like in Kennebukport, we always end up photographing along the side of the road. It’s just the Kennebunkport thing I guess.

Looks like they rolled out the red carpet for me!

It is RARE that I meet a fellow tall girl and this year my bae Katie held down the fort with me! Tall Girls FTW!

Not a bad ceremony location eh?

I know I know… a speech… but look at the cute widdle girl!

One of the hottest days of the summer. In between shots I was wiping sweat from my eyeballs.

And again he lays down. This time in sand. Is this just his signature move?

But wait… IM LAYING DOWN! Its hard to tell though if I just fell though. Thanks Mitch for helping me up and Christine for laughing.

Boom. For shots that we have to set up before we interrupt the couple from the dance floor, Im usually a stand in. Im feeling this one.

A nice portrait of the three of us.

Dan using magic on Laura and Kevin.

Straight Chillin while we waited for a whole entire multi generational family group to come to the stairs for the photo they take at every wedding.

I look happy eh?


I always say Dan is so highly focused and concentrated that he completely misses what’s happening just outside of his focus. In this case he somehow missed a line of grown men linking hands via their… well…. crotches. He literally just realized this happened when we looked through these images a couple hours ago. Ha!

I was happy at this dance party apparently.

Not the best images, I’ll give you that, but…. we were taken by surprise by a wedding party attack. See my shock face and Dan’s attempt to photograph it.

Again with the super happy face at the reception.

Dance lessons with Monika.

Ooooo so artsy.

A cute one from September. It was finally not swelteringly hot.

Everyone is having a good time here. SO CUTE.

When Dan gets pulled onto the dance floor.

I will dream of this window light the rest of my career.


This is one of my faves from the year. <3 Again with the ice photography. SO hard.

I realized that we didnt take any selfies this year! That aint right! So here is the one photo I found of the two of us at a photobooth. That a wild and crazy year it was. This job you guys…. you should try it sometime!

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Us at Work in 2014

This past year (2014) was our most booked year yet! We photographed more weddings in a season than any season prior and we traveled a TON! We actually dont take that many photographs of each other or ourselves during the year with our nice cameras. Our whole life is documented via iPhones and I want to be a bit better with that this year. I’m hearing a collective, “me too!” over the internet from my fellow photographers. AmIRight?? In spite of that sad fact, we do have some fun shots of ourselves working at our weddings and sessions. At most weddings, we snap a few shots of each other in action since we love each other. I see Dan concentrating so hard during sessions and I just want to keep that adorableness forever so I take pictures of it! I take photos of myself in mirrors because I want to remember that moment and that we were there, chosen to photograph this event for two people who are madly in love. My favorite this year was the photograph I took of myself with Diamond Head in the background. I was setting up for a shot I took of the wedding dress (imagine the dress in the photo instead of me and thats the shot). I wanted to remember that we were there. We were invited. We were chosen to be a part of that day, in that place, with our cameras. I was so happy. Thats what that photo is for.

Definitely a favorite post to gather images for! Here is a look behind the scenes of us at work in 2014:

Hawaii Wedding Photographer

A “Dan” photobomb.Hawaii Wedding Photographer

It. Was. Freezing.Vermont Winter Wedding Photography

Standing on a ledge above a set of stairs? Sometimes you gotta take a risk eh?Vermont Wedding Photographer

Would you guys be willing to take your family formals in the snow? Please? Ok yay!!!Vermont Winter Wedding Photography

I was SO happy this day to be a part of this wedding. It was really really good day to be us.Vermont Wedding Photography

Gorgeous couple in the snow on a horse and carriage ride? No biggie… just a photographers dream.Vermont Winter Wedding Photography

That time we photographed first dances in the dark, holding video lights in our left hands and being bitten by fire ants at the same time…. #likeabossCulebera Puerto Rico Wedding Photography

Dan looking like he could be a groomsman in this Puerto Rico wedding. (He’s so cute!!!)

Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer

Can you hold our hats for us?
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding Photorapher

Testing the light…. always a stand in.Maine Wedding Photographer

Dan making pretty pictures.Maine Wedding Photographer

That wedding where four of our past couples were there… and now one more for 2015. (also….CONGRATS EMILY AND JASON FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY GIRL!!!!!)Portland Maine Wedding Photography

Dan taking some of our favorite images of the year… no big deal.Maine Wedding Photographer

Interesting side note: Dogs love Dan. He has been kiss attacked at a large number of shoots this year. They cant get enough of him. Portland Maine Wedding Photography

Driving the Bride around is part of the job sometimes.New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

He’s adorable. (This is clearly a Dan-centric post but you can forgive me right?)Maine Wedding Photographer

Taking pics on a boat.New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Typical Maine wedding scene. We are so BLESSED!Maine Wedding Photographer

Another shot where I just thought he looked handsome.Portland Maine Wedding Photography

Second to last wedding of the year and I FINALLY got to use my new “Hold Fast Money Maker” camera strap. Portland Maine Wedding Photography

My job: get the people lined up for Dan’s shot. Not easy…. but when there are adorable kiddos in pearl leather jackets, sometimes I gotta go in and take a photo myself!Vermont Wedding Photographer

I. Was. Freezing. It was May. Maine… you are so unpredictable. Right Emily and Jason?Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

That time I was ASKED to get up close and take photos during the ceremony. I WAS DYING WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!! I can most definitely do that.Cape Cod Wedding Photography

Blueberry Fields make for pretty gorgeous photographs.Maine Wedding Photographer

I matched… and it looked like I had a giant blueberry purse.Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

Posing with the cake… a common happening for me.Maine Wedding Photography

Where’s Waldo?Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

No big deal, just the fire department showing up at the ceremony since the FIRE ALARM went off!Portland Maine Wedding Photography

Nice creative shot of me… thanks Dan.
Portland Maine WEdding Photography

Photobooth’s are kind of my favorite thing ever.Maine Wedding Photographer

It was my birthday and it was the last wedding of the year. I was having a pretty awesome day I must say.Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

Dan always lays down in the not cool stuff when the desired photo calls for it… even if it was my idea. Thats a good man.Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

Symmetry. Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

This was a particularly hard room to photograph in since the WHOLE wall was a mirror. I tried pretty much the whole hour to keep myself our of the shots and it was not easy.Maine Wedding Photographer

Again…. Dan on the ground.Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

Just sacrificing his pants so the brides shoes would be clean for her.Portland Maine Wedding Photographer


Adorable.Maine Wedding Photography

And yet again…. Dan on the ground.Maine Wedding Photographer

These two…. I cant even tell you how much I love em. Look how CUTE!Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

Wardrobe assistant and photographer. Im going to keep him folks.Hawaii Wedding Photographer

And I dance…. shamelessly.Maine Wedding Photography

When he’s this far away, I have to read his mind and tell the bridal party what to do for the shot I THINK he wants to take. Maine Wedding Photographer

You thought you’d seen the last of Dan on the ground didnt you? Well you were wrong. This is seconds before he ALMOST got the camera really really wet. Whew.Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

Again… some of my fave couples of the year. Did I tell you that they helped us move? That’s right…. down three flights of stairs… all our furniture. #wearesoluckyPortland Maine Wedding Photography

Details on Waikiki beach. No biggie.Hawaii Wedding Photography

And we will finish off with one of my most favorite moments of the whole year: Photographing Karen and Roshan’s wedding on Cape Cod. This was taken during Roshan’s baraat. It was SO FUN and I was kind of overwhelmed realizing that I was there a part of this SUPER FUN event, invited to photograph this happy happy moment. Our past clients, Mara and Will were there, and I was just crazy happy. I needed to keep that moment for myself too so we took this selfie. I love that Will is in the background, smiling away. It really was a magical moment, one of those life moments you keep forever. Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

So yeah…. it’s a really special job we have.

Us working 2013

Every year we share some fun photos of us behind the scenes at our sessions of the past year. Here is just a SMALL sample of the silliness that took place at our weddings and sessions from last year. DANG did we do a lot!

Of course there were selfies…
Heather and Michael 0269.JPG
Becca and Dave Wedding 0601.JPG
Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0121.jpg We broke a lens.

Hillary and Matt-Behind the Scenes-0010.jpg

Hillary took our photo.

Hillary and Matt-Behind the Scenes-0017.jpg
We got ourselves into precarious situations.

Kelsey and Chad-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg
Kelsey and Chad-Behind the Scenes-0006.jpg
Sara and Brian Behind the Scenes 0188.JPG

I stand in for set-ups a lot.

Morgan and Doug-Behind the Scenes-0010.jpg

Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0316.jpg
Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0921.jpg
Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0338.jpg
Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0479.jpg

We make not so interesting scenes work… like parking lots. #makeitwork #timgunn

Bethany and Dan Behind the Scenes for Kryssi and Kendall 0001.JPG

Morgan and Doug-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg


Christina and Chris-Behind the Scenes-0009.jpg

We help out when needed.

Heather and Michael 0091.JPG

We get to hold babies.

Prudente Family Session 0054.JPG

We do the work.

Emily and Jason-Behind the Scenes-0012.jpg
Emma and Tate-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg
Emma and Tate-Behind the Scenes-0008.jpg
Emma and Tate-Behind the Scenes-0009.jpg
Hillary and Matt-Behind the Scenes-0004.jpg
Kelsey and Chad-Behind the Scenes-0002.jpg
Hillary and Matt-Behind the Scenes-0001.jpg
Morgan and Doug-Behind the Scenes-0001.jpg
Lynsey and Alex-Behind the Scenes-0001.jpg
Kristen and Rhett-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg
Kim and Justin-Behind The Scenes-0006.jpg
Mara and Will Behind the Scenes Wedding 0003.JPG
Christina and Chris-Behind the Scenes-0004.jpg
Bethany and Dan Behind the Scenes for Kryssi and Kendall 0004.JPG
Becca and Dave Engagement Session 0128.JPG

We take photos with couples. Sometimes even within the formals… since we were the only witnesses!

Sarah and JT-Behind the Scenes-0009.jpg
Heather and Michael 0158.JPG
Can you see me?
Rafael and Catherine-Behind the Scenes-0008.jpg

The Red Coats are coming!

Rafael and Catherine-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg

Cheers to 2013…

Kelsey and Chad-Behind the Scenes-0007.jpg
Mara and Will Behind the Scenes Wedding 0010.JPG