Way way back in 2008 I decided that one thing on my bucket list was to ride in a lobster boat. It may seems small but I REALLY wanted to but we didnt know anyone who would take us for a ride on one. Once we started photography, my dream evolved into wanting to photograph the lobstering process on a boat. Im kind of a stickler for authenticity so I needed it to be a scenario where we were welcomed onto the boat with a lobsterman (or woman) who didn’t mind us being there photographing. It was kind of a tall order.

Enter Abbi and Javi in 2012. We photographed their Camp Wohelo wedding. Abbie’s dad is a lobster fisherman! I mentioned wanting to do this with them but never really expected it to happen since its kind of logistically challenging since Abbie and Javi live in Miami. Then… they called us for some maternity photos. They thought it would be a perfect time for the lobster boat event AND some maternity photos and we.were.so.excited!!!

We will share Abbie’s photos next on the blog but here are a few from our time with them on the boat!

O and by the way, they didnt just let us photograph them… we put on the Grundens ourselves and got to get our hands dirty!! It was more than a dream come true.
Lobstering July 25 2014 0112
Lobstering July 25 2014 0033
Lobstering July 25 2014 0083
Lobstering July 25 2014 0063
Lobstering July 25 2014 0036
Lobstering July 25 2014 0021
Lobstering July 25 2014 0098
Lobstering July 25 2014 0095


This one was taken by Evelyn, (Abbie's mom). We love it!
This one was taken by Evelyn, (Abbie’s mom). We love it!
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