Abbi and Tanner’s Yarmouth Maine Wedding

Abbie and Tanner had a backyard wedding in Yarmouth Maine. Tanner’s family owns Maguire Construction and you should have SEEN all the handmade elements that were a part of this wedding. Tanner made all the tables, the dance floor, the table numbers, any other wood detail you see, and of course the arbor they were married under. It wasn’t just DIY, and we have seen some amazing DIY in our day. It was handmade Maine artisan high quality wood working and we were so in love with all of it. They intentionally chose to have their wedding the weekend of the Clam Festival, an iconic Maine event. Abbi is the sister of one of our past grooms, Thad! It was wonderful to capture another wedding for this family that we have grown to love over the years. It’s a HIGH compliment when a family invites you back again for another event and we are always honored by that gesture. On the wedding day we went to their separate getting ready locations and then we met up and took photos all around town with the Bridal party and then it was off to the ceremony. One moment that I loved was Tanner calming Abbi down right before the ceremony. Like many brides, Abbi was really nervous about the ceremony and all the attention and fuss being made about her. She was getting overwhelmed and Tanner swooped in with his flask of Bushmills and calmed her right down. He told her all she had to do was get out there and marry him and that was all that mattered. She tipped the flask back, kissed her man, and walked right down the aisle after him. It was so romantic and loving and just what I want from any of our couples: to be madly in love with one another and not just in love with a wedding. The reception was full of laughing, dancing, and DAMN good food. There was brick oven pizza and reese’s s’mores. Thank you and YES PLEASE! They even got the perk of Clamfest fireworks at the end of the night!!

Abbi and Tanner 0002

Abbi and Tanner 0039

Abbi and Tanner 0274

Abbi and Tanner 0281

Abbi and Tanner 0026

Abbi and Tanner 0096

Abbi and Tanner 0318

Abbi and Tanner 0340

Abbi and Tanner 0346

Abbi and Tanner 0378

Abbi and Tanner 0410

Abbi and Tanner 0277

Abbi and Tanner 0260

Abbi and Tanner 0784

Abbi and Tanner 0826

Abbi and Tanner 0828

Abbi and Tanner 0830

Abbi and Tanner 0613

Abbi and Tanner 0637

Abbi and Tanner 0648

Abbi and Tanner 0853

Abbi and Tanner 0919

Abbi and Tanner 0952

Abbi and Tanner 1045

Abbi and Tanner 1084

Abbi and Tanner 1009

Abbi and Tanner 1122

Coordinator: Events by Noelle Lee  |  Catering: Fire and Company

 Band: DC Project |  Makeup and Hair: Ariel Johnson

We make photographs that tell the truth by becoming close to you and your story.


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