Theresa and JJ’s SURPRISE New Hampshire Camp Wedding

You hear about a surprise wedding once in a blue moon. I know that Julie Roberts had one. When Theresa emailed us about their idea for one we were ELATED! All their guests were invited to an engagement party, which was pretty believable since Theresa and JJ live in California and it would make sense for them to have a celebration with lots of folks when they were in town. Bingo! It was a little bit different of a structure for obvious reasons so the photos are in order of events for you.

We started at the cabins where they were getting ready. Their immediate family knew what was happening so they were hanging out with us in the prep area. Once everyone was ready, Theresa put on a white cocktail dress and we headed up to mingle with the engagement party guests at a cocktail hour. A little while into the event, Theresa and JJ said they had an announcement to make that went something like this: “We are so glad you all made it here to celebrate our engagement and we love you all so much. We have something to confess though… that today is not our engagement party but it’s OUR WEDDING DAY!” There were gasps and screams and lots of happy tears. Theresa ran into a nearby cabin to put on her wedding dress and everyone else was in charge of setting benches in place for the ceremony, taking place just 10 min after the announcement!

From that moment on, it was a wedding day for all the guests, with all the fun that goes along with it! A gorgeous reception planned by All the Fuss Events complete with tiny horse details to honor JJ’s late sister. We were SO happy to be a part of this one and it was all we dreamed it would be… and better. Enjoy this one you guys!

Theresa and JJ 0047
Theresa and JJ 0017
Theresa and JJ 0152
Theresa and JJ 0060
Theresa and JJ 0103
Theresa and JJ 0229
Theresa and JJ 0238
Theresa and JJ 0240
Theresa and JJ 0250
Theresa and JJ 0286
Theresa and JJ 0299
Theresa and JJ 0310
Theresa and JJ 0336
Theresa and JJ 0412
Theresa and JJ 0421
Theresa and JJ 0440
Theresa and JJ 0497
Theresa and JJ 0499
Theresa and JJ 0535
Theresa and JJ 0534
Theresa and JJ 0533
Theresa and JJ 0560
Theresa and JJ 0566

Theresa and JJ 0608
Theresa and JJ 0762
Theresa and JJ 0856
Theresa and JJ 0882

Theresa and JJ 0900
Theresa and JJ 0910
Theresa and JJ 0966

Theresa and JJ 0835

Venue: BlueWater Farm |   Event: Coordinator: All the Fuss Events   |  Florist Cobblestone Design Company

Caterer: Blood’s Catering   |   Cake Artist: Bread and Chocolate   |   DJ: Aaron Denny

Gown: Casablanca Bridals   |   Hair: Not So Plain Jane’s   |   Makeup: Kriss Cosmetics

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