One Shot: Engagements 2014

This past year we didn’t photograph as many engagements just because we CRAMMED in a ton before we left for Hawaii last year. Many 2014 Wedding couples had their images done in 2013, rather than 2014 so it was a light year for them. That’s kind of a bummer because we LOVE shooting these. It’s so much more casual and we get to know everyone as a couple more-so than if we just show up on the wedding day.

We got to do the sessions this past year in some cool spots: Crescent Beach State Park, Fort Williams State Park, Jamaica Plain, Belgrade Lakes, The Eastern Prom in Portland, Boston, and Newport RI! Enjoy our happy people!

Amanda and Doug Engagement 0153 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0089 Bevin and Thom Engagement 0124 Brittany and Jim Engagement 0122 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0112 Luke and Katie Engagement 0074 Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0113 Meredith and Ben 0082 Roshan and Karen Engagement 0130 Sarah and David Engagement 0117

We make photographs that tell the truth by becoming close to you and your story.

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