One Shot: Portrait and Day After Sessions 2014

In addition to Engagements, we also offer Post Wedding Sessions and In Love Sessions.

Post Wedding Sessions are sessions we do with couples the day after their wedding. It’s a chance to wear your wedding clothes (or in one case your bathing suits) and hang out with us in a more relaxed environment than your wedding day, without all its onlookers and timelines.  We did two of these this year, one in Hawaii and one in Puerto Rico (underwater).

In Love sessions are for couples who are already married or not yet engaged and want to have a portrait sessions, similar to an engagement session. These are so fun for us because we get to work with people who are having images taken not because they think they NEED to because they are engaged, but simply because they want to capture that moment in time of their relationship as it is. Thats valuing photography.Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0166

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0083Del and Matt 0047 Adam and Sachi Post-Wedding Session 0123 Lisa Ann and Jordan Post Wedding Session 0178

We make photographs that tell the truth by becoming close to you and your story.

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