Puerto Rico Trip 2014: Culebra and Underwater Fun

Welcome to part one of our trip to Puerto Rico! We were there to photograph Lisa Ann and Jordan’s wedding and post-wedding session. Since we get to travel a lot we thought we would invite Dan’s family with us this time so they could share in the fun! Three of his four brothers and his mom came along: Heath, David, Stephen, and Sam! We spend the majority of our trip on the island of Culebra which is “about” equidistant from both the main island of Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. It’s only 11 square miles with just over 1,000 residents, so to tell you it is small and sleepy is kind of redundant. It is a PERFECT place to get away and we would highly recommend a visit if that is what you are looking for. We rented a house via VRBO and really enjoyed ourselves.

Another new and exciting thing about this trip is that we now have an Outex for our DSLR!!! We were able to photograph not only our couple’s post wedding session in the most beautiful water I have ever been in BUT we were also able to photograph ourselves and our family doing what we did almost the entire trip: underwater fun! We have wanted one of these for ages and this was the final push we needed to purchase one. It is so stinkin cool!!!

This blog post includes both iPhone and Nikon shots featuring:

  • The ferry to and from Fajardo and Culebra: about an hour boat ride for $2 (!!!!) The only other option is a tiny plane, which I was having no part of.
  • Flamenco Beach: One of the top 10 beaches in the entire world. This beach completely blew my radar for what a perfect beach is. It was and is and will be for a very long time, the ultimate beach in my mind.
  • Rosario Beach: We took a 30 min hike to get to the beach which meant we were among the only 2 sets of people there. Great snorkeling!
  • Zoni Beach: We could see St Thomas from here, which just made me want to go there too! It was a great beach to sit and talk about life, which is my kind of beach.

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetCulebra and San Juan 00992014-06-10 12.25.262014-06-10 18.18.19-1Culebra and San Juan 0011Culebra and San Juan 0020Culebra and San Juan 0028Culebra and San Juan 0038Culebra and San Juan 0078Culebra and San Juan 00892014-06-12 17.21.29-2Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0004Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0008Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0023Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0040Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0074
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0043Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0053Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0060
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0063Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0108Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0128
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0117Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0139

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