Part Two of our Puerto Rico Trip with Dan’s redheaded family is here! This portion of the trip was our non-Culebra days 😉

After 5 days on the island, we headed back to the mainland and spent a day in San Juan and a day in the rainforest: El Yunque. The rainforest day we hiked to the top of a mountain and got to see the radical view. We could see both the north and south side of the island from our vantage point. It was actually worth the sweat and complaining from this office dweller. It also reminded me that I really need to stretch my calves more often and work out. That being said, I made it and I loved being at the top. It’s a must do when you visit Puerto Rico.

In San Juan we went to my favorite spot: El Morro!!! I swear it is the coolest and best fort I have ever been to, and that means a lot coming from a girl married to Dan… who loves to visit every fort we get even remotely close to in our travels. #fortsarekindaboring” All that being said, do not miss this place. Every time we have been, which is already up to three times with us, we have been unable to control ourselves with the photo taking. It is absolutely the most photogenic fort eva! Dear future bride and grooms, please pretty please, book a post-wedding session with us and let us photograph you at this place for 2 uninterrupted hours. We may faint from joy.

After El Morro, we just enjoyed the streets, cats, and colors of Old San Juan. I think Dan and I started to annoy the red heads with all our photo taking. We seriously could not help it. San Juan is a photographic super star.

Culebra and San Juan 0230Culebra and San Juan 0249Culebra and San Juan 0265Culebra and San Juan 0128Culebra and San Juan 0115Culebra and San Juan 0120Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetCulebra and San Juan 01332014-06-15 17.40.37Culebra and San Juan 0141Culebra and San Juan 0150Culebra and San Juan 0164Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetCulebra and San Juan 0187Culebra and San Juan 0173Culebra and San Juan 0182Culebra and San Juan 0202Culebra and San Juan 0179Culebra and San Juan 0219

We make photographs that tell the truth by becoming close to you and your story.

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  1. Marcia Wiggins
    July 9, 2014

    Bethany, girl…you run in a pack of gingers! YOU lucky, most beautiful girl!


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