Outlook Farm Maine Wedding: Kate and Mike

Not to sound like we were walking in the room with a judgement, but we really did know what we were walking in to with these two. We knew it was going to be a rocking party with good friends. It was a sure bet. We have photographed a two other weddings from this friend group and there were both incredible parties, (See Kelsey and Chad AND Sara and Dave). I remember walking up to the DJ and saying… “Get Ready.” Ha!

The couple got ready in Portsmouth NH and then headed to the church for the ceremony. I loved watching them giggle and make eyes with each other throughout the ceremony. Catholic ceremonies are ripe with incognito cuteness. After the recessional, we headed to the reception. Once the wedding party and Kate and Mike we introduced, the party began and didnt stop even after the venue lights went up after the last song. It was exactly what we thought would happen and that made us very happy.

Maine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party Wedding

Maine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party Wedding

Maine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party Wedding

Maine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party Wedding

Maine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMaine Dance Party WeddingMore from Kate and Mike: Engagement Session and Meet Our Couples

Venue: Outlook Farm  | Videographer: SH Videography

Florist: Minka Flowers  |  Cake: Bread and Roses Bakery  |  DJ: World Records DJ

Amanda and Ian’s Sugarbush Vermont Wedding

I loved every single thing about this wedding. It was SO pretty!!! Two people who are both so kind and welcoming had a classy and classic destination wedding in the mountains of Vermont. Hailing from NYC, they brought their favorite people with them to this gorgeous setting. We were so glad to be there too!

The ladies took a very un-rushed and casual approach to the day, getting ready, dancing, laughing, and cheer-sing the morning away. I can’t speak for the guys but I know it felt like a sleepover/slumber party in the ladies getting ready area. When we were ready to go we headed to the church and Amanda walked straight down the aisle in a matter of moments. Ian was waiting right there with his cute smile on his face. There was a collective gasp when she walked in… I mean… LOOK at her, and that DRESS!!! They even had a Bishop there to help in the ceremony, her great uncle Monseor Juan Antonio Flores (who sadly passed away mere days after the wedding).

After the ceremony, we headed into the Vermont wilds to take family photos, bridal party photos, and photos of just the two of them. It was calm and quiet and just the way we like to do it. No distractions, just us, them, and a gorgeous backdrop, (I know that makes every photographer jealous, myself included). Once we had the images that we loved, we all headed back to Sugarbush for a party of dancing dancing dancing!!

Amanda and Ian Wedding 0095 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0069 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0102

Amanda and Ian Wedding 0025 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0120 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0183 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0202 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0204 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0227Amanda and Ian Wedding 0252 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0259 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0408 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0445 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0450 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0472Amanda and Ian Wedding 0504 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0521 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0537 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0546 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0574 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0592Amanda and Ian Wedding 0619 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0627 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0637 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0643 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0658Amanda and Ian Wedding 0818 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0841 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0874 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0962 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1015 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1106Amanda and Ian Wedding 1141Amanda and Ian Wedding 1170Amanda and Ian Wedding 1016 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1178

Venue: Sugarbush Resort  |  Ceremony: Our Lady of the Snows Church  |  Gown: Tara Keeley by Lazarro

Florist: A Schoolhouse Garden  |  Cake: Sweet Simone’s

Hair: Kristi Bright  |  Makeup: Top 5 Management

DJ: Willam Cutting

More from Amanda and Ian: Meet Our Couples

Meghan and Drew’s Georgetown Massachusetts Wedding

This wedding was a party… full fledged the whole time. Meghan and Drew live in California and they brought that vibe right back to Massachusetts. Meghan got ready in her childhood home, which is always my favorite tone setter for the day. All the ladies were wearing the bachelorette shirts they wore at her bachelorette party in Vegas… proclaiming, “Drew Who?” They all rode in a party bus to the ceremony. Do you see what I mean about a party day? They were married at the boarding school where they met long long ago! I loved that touch. How often can you get married where you met?? Dan and I would have had to have our ceremony at a public swimming pool. Not quite as perfect as Meghan and Drew’s ceremony spot.

It was a black and white event, where I even suspect that the guests were asked to don their best LBD’s since I saw a WHOLE lot of them. Everyone could have passed as a bridesmaid! The funnest part of the day? The fact that the dancing was almost non-stop outside of the events of the reception where you couldn’t be dancing. As I was editing I remember thinking, “Ok and now we are to the dance party. O wait. Nope. That was pre-dancing. O and then some more pre-dancing. And even more!” Congrats to you guys! You threw a fun party and now… YOU’RE MARRIED!

Meghan and Drew 0019 Meghan and Drew 0025 Meghan and Drew 0034 Meghan and Drew 0081 Meghan and Drew 0089 Meghan and Drew 0124 Meghan and Drew 0151 Meghan and Drew 0168 Meghan and Drew 0217 Meghan and Drew 0220 Meghan and Drew 0238 Meghan and Drew 0320 Meghan and Drew 0331 Meghan and Drew 0335 Meghan and Drew 0351 Meghan and Drew 0589 Meghan and Drew 0598 Meghan and Drew 0610 Meghan and Drew 0697 Meghan and Drew 0700 Meghan and Drew 0709Meghan and Drew 0701

Venue: Black Swan Country Club  |  Florist: Curren Brothers Florist  |  Hair: Dellaria Salon

Makeup:  To Make Beautiful  |  DJ: Move it Music

More from Meghan and Drew: Meet Our Couples

Sarah and JT’s Portsmouth New Hampshire Wedding

If you want to know what a natural beauty looks like… look no further than the new Mrs. Thompson! Sarah is 100% gorgeous, complete with lashes that go for miles and a smile that just won’t stop. It is all kinds of heart-meltingly good times to watch John, (JT) gush over his bride. The two of them together are so cute it hurts my teeth. F’real.

We started the day at the Harborside Hotel where they were both getting ready. One funny thing that happened was that my camera bag was sitting next to Sarah’s bags so when her girls took Sarah’s things to the honeymoon suite… my blue camera bag went with them. Talk about a heart attack!! Luckily it was only a few rooms away and was completely gettable… but still. Whew! We all headed to the trolly and then the church where they exchanged vows and made it official. (That’s what this is all about after all). I loved Sarah’s long exhale right before she started her walk down the aisle. Keep your eye out for the photo.

The party started and was up and going until the last song. I loved watching the girls singalong with the band, on the mic no less! All in all, it was a wonderful day and we were glad to be a part of it.

Portsmouth NH Wedding 0002Portsmouth NH Wedding 0001 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0003 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0005 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0007Portsmouth NH Wedding 0004 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0008 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0009 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0010 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0013Portsmouth NH Wedding 0014Portsmouth NH Wedding 0012 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0006 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0015Portsmouth NH Wedding 0016 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0017 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0019Portsmouth NH Wedding 0018 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0020 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0021 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0022 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0023 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0024 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0026 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0027 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0025 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0029 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0030Portsmouth NH Wedding 0028

Venue: Sheraton Harborside Hotel  | Florist: Dahlia Pom  |  Gown: Madeleine’s Daughter 

Cake: Jaques Fine European Pastries  | Band: Big Party Orchestra

Makeup: Sonja Jacobson Skin Care  |  Hair: Bliss 360

More from Sarah and JT: Engagement Session   |   Meet Our Couples

Vee and Mike’s Willowdale Estate Wedding

Vee and Mike’s Willowdale Estate wedding is finally here to show off on the blog! It was SUCH a classic and classy wedding, and if you don’t already know, we LOVE Tuxedos so this was right up our alley! Everyone got ready at the hotel and then we did a little non-first look right in the hallway since Vee just couldn’t help from at least holding his hand before the ceremony. The guys headed to a local bar and imbibed in some HUGE shots thanks to being friends with the bar tender. The ladies rode the trolley to the ceremony and waited in the wings for everything to start. There ceremony was much like other ceremonies except for one big unplanned moment when the FIRE ALARM WENT OFF! The priest, although a little confused, continued with the ceremony, although I do think he skipped over all the non-necessary talking. Right before they kissed, the alarm stopped, and we all went outside to find the fire department, all ready to go just in case. It was truly unforgettable. You gotta love a couple who can take that in stride. We obviously took some images with the firetruck because how can you not? Amiright? The “you guys are just too hot,” jokes came shortly afterwards.

We all headed to the gorgeous reception and Dan and I hung out with the bridal party on the front lawn, trying to keep up with the groomsmen and their antics. After a rowdy photo session, we took Vee and Mike for a few of just them, Vee laughing practically the entire time. Then it was dinner and dancing time! Everyone was so fun to be around and we didn’t want to leave, which I can only guess is how everyone there felt that night. We are so happy these two are married and we were there to photograph it.

Vee and Mike Wedding 0107Vee and Mike Wedding 0123Vee and Mike Wedding 0092Vee and Mike Wedding 0155Vee and Mike Wedding 0174Vee and Mike Wedding 0054Vee and Mike Wedding 0093Vee and Mike Wedding 0100Vee and Mike Wedding 0127Vee and Mike Wedding 0188Vee and Mike Wedding 0280Vee and Mike Wedding 0287Vee and Mike Wedding 0302Vee and Mike Wedding 0314Vee and Mike Wedding 0338Vee and Mike Wedding 0361Vee and Mike Wedding 0362Vee and Mike Wedding 0365Vee and Mike Wedding 0388Vee and Mike Wedding 0421Vee and Mike Wedding 0468Vee and Mike Wedding 0473Vee and Mike Wedding 0512Vee and Mike Wedding 0555Vee and Mike Wedding 0565Vee and Mike Wedding 0628Vee and Mike Wedding 0643Vee and Mike Wedding 0653Vee and Mike Wedding 0678Vee and Mike Wedding 0693Vee and Mike Wedding 0691Vee and Mike Wedding 0709Vee and Mike Wedding 0731Vee and Mike Wedding 0748Vee and Mike Wedding 0742Vee and Mike Wedding 0752Vee and Mike Wedding 0788Vee and Mike Wedding 0879Vee and Mike Wedding 0828Vee and Mike Wedding 0853Vee and Mike Wedding 0905Vee and Mike Wedding 0930Vee and Mike Wedding 1004Vee and Mike Wedding 1118Vee and Mike Wedding 1131Vee and Mike Wedding 1134Vee and Mike Wedding 1139

Venue: Willowdale Estate |   Flowers: Evans Flowers |   Cake: Fredericks Pastries

Hair: Marc Harris Salon |  Makeup: Kerri Herlihy |  Band: Young Love and the Thrills