Thanksgiving 2014 Road Trip: Niagara Falls

This Thanksgiving, Dan, Hattie and I packed up the Prius and drove over 2,500 miles from Portland Maine to Wisconsin and back. Along the way we stopped at Niagara Falls because Dan had never been!  I was really excited to take him there because Dan is obsessed with water. He has nearly killed me trying to get a better look at a waterfalls along the road from Maine to Hawaii to Puerto Rico. I thought what better waterfall to show him than the iconic Niagara Falls?? My great grandparents went to the falls for their honeymoon, and I went on a family road trip back in middle school.

If you have never been, you should probably stop by. Both of the bordering towns are a little rough around the edges however it’s nothing that you can’t handle. I get the sense that there was most definitely a heyday, and that time has passed. #sorryniagara

All that being said, it is amazing to see. We stayed on the Canadian side for the most part but we did venture over to the American side to do the Niagara Falls State Park and the Cave of the Winds. We also checked out the Observatory, where you can see both falls from the American Side. Impressive. While we were on the American side we took a photo for a couple who live in Florida, who are from India. They were asking about the best vantage point and I said to head over to the Canadian side. They told me that they couldn’t because of their green cards, and it struck me to realize that being able to see the falls from both countries was a privilege that I had not previously taken as that. It made me feel much more grateful when we headed back to Canada that day.

Near the end of the day, we hopped on the Hornblower Niagara Cruise, which is my number one recommendation for something to do while in the area. It. Was. So. Fun! You can ride a boat all the way up to the Canadian Falls and you get drenched in the mist. I loved being able to experience the power of nature in a relatively safe way. It was definitely something not to miss.

The next day we headed out to Wisconsin, where we would spend Thanksgiving. That’s tomorrow’s blogpost!

Everything you see here was taken on our iPhones.Thanksgiving Road Trip 2014 NY and WI 0014 Thanksgiving Road Trip 2014 NY and WI 0018 Thanksgiving Road Trip 2014 NY and WI 0024 Thanksgiving Road Trip 2014 NY and WI 0061 Thanksgiving Road Trip 2014 NY and WI 0076Thanksgiving Road Trip 2014 NY and WI 0042

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