Thanksgiving 2014 Road Trip: Wisconsin

After our day in Niagara Falls, we headed out to Wisconsin to spend Thanksgiving with my Best Friend Annie, and her parents, and her puppies! We drove through Flint Michigan to see where Dan went to school, and then around Lake Michigan, up through Chicago, and finally arrive at Annie’s apartment in Milwaukee.  Whew!

Since we were there for a while, let me just break it down for you right here in bullet point form since thats easier to read and… write.

Tuesday: We made it to Annie’s, ate dinner out with Annie and Andrea, went to the Art Museum, and spent the night.

Wednesday: We headed out to Annie’s parents house in Oshkosh, (yes B’gosh) and Dan and Annie went to the beauty salon. Yup. You read that right.

Thursday AKA Thanksgiving: We walked the turkey trot and cheated to finish early.  We ate WAY more than our bodies were prepared for and then we laid around trying to recover from that. Thats what I call a perfect Thanksgiving. All the credit goes to Dennis, Annie’s dad, for making pretty much every single thing I ate, as well as for decorating the heck out of everything. The turkey shaped confetti took it to a whole other level of wonderful.

Friday: We had planned to head up to Door County but the weather stunk so we headed to Green Bay instead. We went to Lambeau and then to the botanical gardens where there was an awesome light tunnel for photos.

Saturday: We headed up to Door County and saw everything we could since it was the off season and nothing was really open. Annie and I got drunk at a mexican restaurant and Dan proceeded to tolerate us as we laughed our way through the Christmas shop. It was awesome. We also ordered some of the worst pizza I have ever had for dinner that night. This is second only to the pizza I had in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Sunday: We began our VERY long drive back home.

Annie’s family was so welcoming to us and I can’t even begin to thank them for having us with them for the holiday. The food was out of control good and the hospitality was somehow better than that. Well done Mid-west. Well done.

Also, these photos are a mix of photos from all of our iphones (Dan, Mine, and Annies) as well as some DSLR photos from Annie.

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  1. Annie
    January 7, 2015

    I miss you guys… come baaaaaaack!!

  2. Dennis/Head cook and bottle washer
    January 8, 2015

    Bethany & Dan – Jeanne and I really enjoyed your visit to Oshkosh and it goes without saying you are welcome back anytime! Our very best to you for a wonderful 2015 – And Gracie and Gus want me to say Hi to Katie Perry! We loved her!! Dennis


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