Wisconsin 2013

Back in October (!) I went to visit my friend Annie in her beloved state of Wisconsin. We have been friends for almost 10 years, long distance. Whenever anyone disses the internet I kindly remind them that the internet is not only HOW I met one of my best friends, but also where we maintained it for nearly a decade. Yay internet!

We have traveled together a lot, some trips are even here on the blog (Vegas, Disney..) but this is the first time I have even been able to visit her in her homelands! It was so fun to get the local tour from her.

A few things to note about WI:

  • It’s precious. Like a lot of what I saw and did could only be described as “precious.” I liked that.
  • Door County is worth a visit for anyone and everyone, unless you don’t like precious places.
  • The Milwaukee Art Museum is an architectural masterpiece.
  • The Harley Museum is gorgeous, unexpectedly.
  • If you visit, prepare to eat… all day… every day…
  • Rainbow Umbrellas make all things better.
  • Holy Crap. Lambeau Field is impressive and shocking and… like many other things, worth a visit.
  • It’s only missing one thing, the Ocean
  • I need to shoot a wedding at the Anderson Warehouse in Door County

Here we go!

Milwaukee Museum of Art :: The Public Market  :: The Harley Davidson Museum

Wisconsin 2013 013.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 018.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 011.JPG
2013-10-03 11.06.07.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 019.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 033.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 029.JPG

Eating is a big deal in Wisconsin :: Maple Bacon Donuts  ::  Beer Cheese Soup
Wisconsin 2013 034.JPG
2013-10-04 14.10.13-2.JPG

The Kohler Showcase
Wisconsin 2013 037.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 042.JPGAnnie’s Beloved Pups, Gus and Gracie
Wisconsin 2013 054.JPGLambeau Field and Hattie’s Souvenir
2013-10-05 12.56.58.JPGDoor County  ::  Wilson’s ::  Al Johnson’s Restaurant  ::  Hwy 42
2013-10-06 12.54.23-1.JPG
2013-10-06 14.02.09.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 085.JPG
2013-10-06 10.21.05.JPGAnderson Warehouse ::  Annie  ::  Me  ::  Me & Annie
Wisconsin 2013 131.JPG
2013-10-06 11.39.34.JPG
2013-10-06 12.04.55.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 116.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 107.JPG
Wisconsin 2013 123.JPGPhotos of my by Annie 😉
2013-10-06 11.56.35.JPG
2013-10-06 11.57.02.JPG
2013-10-06 12.57.03-1.JPG

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Hey there!

This is a photo of me in a burger bar in Stockholm Sweden. I am about to drink the best beer I have ever had (before or since).


It's a pretty important photo of me because I can still remember feeling filled with joy and so so glad to be right there in that place in that moment.


That's a good place to start on getting to know me.


I like to travel.

I like beer.

I like the person who was across the table from me.



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