Abbi and Tanner’s Maine Woods Portrait Session

There is so much I can say about these people, this place, and this type of session. Let me first set the scene for you.

Mainer’s often have a “camp” up in the woods where they get away. It’s akin to the southern beach house in reason while being extremely different in feel. They are usually a secret, as far as the location. They range from super rustic, so not quite as rustic, but they all are a quiet place where you can just relax and be with the people you let in your circle. When Mainers head to this camp they simply say they are heading “uptacamp.” Tanner and Abbi’s camp is their families camp and it is without question, a secret spot. I won’t tell you where it is or what it’s near but let me say only that it just what you may imagine. Theres a wood stove, gas-powered everything except a generator for a few must haves, lots of comfy places to sit and even more places to sleep, a table for playing cards, a big ole table for eating delicious food, an amazing view, a great porch, a couple of four wheelers, and dogs roam free.

We photographed Abbi and Tanner’s wedding this past July, and they wanted to wait until afterwards to have their version of an engagement session. Less chaos, more fun. We loved that idea, and were seriously blown away when they invited us uptacamp with them for the session. They were the BEST of hosts, both cooking gourmet meals for us and later mixing one too many drinks. We stayed up late and drank both tequila drinks and whiskey drinks until we all needed to get some shut eye. It’s people like this and sessions like this that remind us that we really do have one of the best jobs in the world.

Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0010Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0018Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0022Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0027Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0047Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0054Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0063Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0073Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0087Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0093Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0099Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0101Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0108Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0125Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0129Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0131Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0137Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0150Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0159Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0166Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0170Abbi and Tanner uptacamp 0196

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