Amanda and Ian’s Rehearsal Dinner at Sugarbush

Amanda and Ian invited all their guests to a “Welcome Party” at the CastleRock Pub at Sugarbush. Since every single guest was out of town it was simply a pre-wedding event where they could all gear up for the following day. There were delicious treats to eat, fun decorations, tasty drinks, and lots of love. We even found a few minutes to take the two of them away for some night shots right outside. Oddly enough we had never met either of them until this day so we were impressed at how easy and open they were in just 10 minutes of photographing them. We are so glad we DID meet them too because they are dolls. Just you WAIT for the wedding.

Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0009Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0012 Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0001 Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0004 Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0007 Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0008 Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0014Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0015Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0016Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0011Sugarbush Rehearsal Dinner 0013More from Amanda and Ian: Meet Our Couples


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