Becky and Aaron’s Chapel Hill NC Wedding

Photographing our family is such a special thing for the two of us. We feel like we can share with them a gift that God has gifted us. It feels like what we should be doing you know?

Becky is Dan’s first cousin. She is a twin, has a brother who was Dan’s right-hand-man growing up, and an older sister who has a baby in the oven, due SOON! Aaron is from Korea, and his family flew over for the ceremony and lit everything up with their smiles and good nature. The wedding was as DIY as they come and we loved every.single.little.detail. I mean if these people weren’t family, we would STILL be crazy about this wedding. It was all things beautiful. In Korea, it is good luck for a couple to fold 1,000 paper cranes together before their wedding. These two did just that and decorated the whole place with them. The ceremony was surrounded by them and it created such a sweet atmosphere. I loved thinking about the two of them, hanging out together for hours and hours making them, planning their lives together. It’s almost too much cute.

Their love story is second to none. My favorite detail was this: ” I realized I truly loved Becky and wanted to marry her when she was visiting me in Australia. We were on a road trip to Albany and driving down a gravel road, I lost control of the car and was freaking out in my head. When the car finally came to a stop, Becky seemed so calm and kept asking if I was ok. When she was talking, a dust cloud (from all the dirt flying everywhere outside of the car) had come in through the vents and the sun was shining off of it, making her look like an angel. That was the moment I knew I never wanted to lose her.”

There… now you love them too.

Venue: The Barn at Valhalla   |   Planning: C and D Events   |   Dress: David’s Bridal   |   Most Everything Else: The Cox Family

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