Kristina and Kevin’s North Hampton Beach, NH Wedding

We love this couple. We honestly felt like we were watching two of our friends get married. The day was overcast and slightly chilly as we drove up to the Best Man’s family beachfront cottage, where the wedding was to be held that day. The sky teased us as it sprinkled rain and then stopped and then began again. Kevin was cool as a cucumber when we got there, letting us know the rain plan and the non-rain plan. They took a gamble and set up outside anyway.. and it was perfect. Kristina was precious as she waited to marry her sweetheart, tearing up every so often whenever the reality of what was happening would hit her. It was incredibly endearing. The wedding was very heartfelt, and as the said their vows, the sky started to rain, and rather than that being a bad thing, it felt like a baptism in a way, a coming into a new life as husband and wife. It was perfect. The party that followed was wild! Kristina had warned us about it, but we were definitely not prepared for just how crazy it got. Dancing until shirts come off and pants rip is pretty darn intense don’t you think?

Kristina and Kevin…. we adore you and we are SO happy that you are married now and loving life! Congrats!


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